Wildwood Lightning Detection


A lightning detector located at Wildwood detects and plots radio frequency energy generated by lighting activity. Data collected from the Wildwood lightning detector is sent in real time to the StrikeStar network where it is compared to data received from other StrikeStar participants. Strikes that can be triangulated are shown on the above animated image which is centered on Wildwood’s location. The image also includes a NEXRAD radar overlay.

The strikes are color coded starting with white for recent strikes to dark red for the oldest strikes to visualize the age of the lightning events that are plotted on the map. The color coding spans from 0 to 60 minutes in 10 minute intervals.

In addition to the color scheme, different symbols are used to indicate the type of lightning event that is being plotted on the map:

	+	Positive Cloud to Ground
	-	Negative Cloud to Ground
	o	Cloud to Cloud