Lake & River Heights

Last Updated: Tuesday March 31st, 2020 05:39 PM CDT

Stage Color Key
No Flooding Near Flood Minor Flooding Mod Flooding Major Flooding Obs > 24hrs

Location HeightTrendForecastStatus
Big Sandy Creek near Bridgeport (BRPT2) 2.88ft    Old Data
West Fork of Trinity River near Boyd (BOYT2) 9.55ft    Old Data
Lake Bridgeport (BPRT2) 836.13ft    Old Data
Lake Arlington (LART2) 550.04ft    Old Data
Lake Grapevine (GPVT2) 549.64ft    Old Data
Lake Lewisville (LEWT2) 528.94ft    Old Data
Lake Mineral Wells (MMWT2) 863.79ft    Old Data
Lake Ray Hubbard (FRHT2) 435.66ft    Old Data
Lake Ray Roberts (RRLT2) 637.59ft    Old Data
Lake Weatherford (LWFT2) 896.13ft    Old Data
Lake Worth (FLWT2) 594.48ft    Old Data
Benbrook Lake (BNBT2) 704.83ft    Old Data
Eagle Mountain Lake (EAMT2) 649.18ft    Old Data
Possum Kingdom Lake (PSMT2) 998.79ft    Old Data

Data Courtesy of the Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Service
Script Courtesy of Dennis at East Masonville Weather